Four Foolproof Signs Of A Trusted Betting Site In India


India’s online betting scene is just starting to grow and currently, gambling is allowed only in Goa, Damman and Sikkim. Mostly of the operators in here are land-based and floating casinos. But since betting is fast becoming a phenomenon online, many are also looking forward to its legalization.

Having said this, it cannot be denied that the future of online betting in India is a promising one. And in the event where permission is granted, punters like you must watch out for the most reputable and trusted betting sites.

Characteristics of trusted betting sites in India

There are several characteristics, which you must identify when looking for the best online bookies in the country.

Convenient deposit and withdrawal options

Most betting sites use e-wallets to facilitate the punters deposit and withdrawal transactions. Make sure that the ones used by your bookie is either Neteller or Skrill. These options have been existing for years and have already established themselves as the best providers in the World Wide Web. Having them as an option speaks of the high importance that bookies give to its players’ convenience.


Always check the site’s security options. Do your due diligence and try to look for reviews, which evaluate how safe and secure an online bookie is.

Working chat box

More often than not, bookies embed a chat box in order for members to access them immediately. If you encounter such option and it doesn’t work, it is good for you to stay away from that site. There’s a high chance that is a bogus bookie, hunting for innocent punters.

Wide selection of betting options

It’s always good to go for betting sites that have a variety of betting options. Cricket is a popular sport in India and it is best if you look for sites  that offer odds for this sport and provide live cricket streams. If the site also features other sports, then that would be better. Only credible bookies have the ability to highlight different sporting activities.

Choosing a reputable site in India is an obligation of every member. This activity does not only guarantee their safety against scammers, but also makes you enjoy the activity even more.

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