KPOP Invasion on 12Crystal Club


Up to 45 free spins can be claim on this wonderful 3D slot game that is only available on 12Crystal club.


This 20lines casino game is easy to play, determine your line bet and pay lines, then take a spin and win big now.


This Korean inspired slot game is made possible by Gameplay Interactive. Fans all over the world will get a chance to play this amazing slot game with a KPOP inspired game. Popular KPOP singers like PSY will surely give you the satisfaction while playing the game. Watch out for the symbols that might help you to create your desired patterns.

Patterns that you need to create

  • Concert tickets that will appear three times or more on any reels can provide an up to 45 free spins.
  • Wild and bonus is symbolized by an invitation and microphone.
  • If the microphone/bonus symbol shows up three times or more on the reel it can trigger a solo performance. Players get a chance to see a live performance which will also identify which KPOP character will pop-up. It will also correspond to the prize that the lucky punter can bag out.
  • Winners award bonus will be trigger if 3 or more bonus symbols will appear on the real. A selection among three artists and an award must be made.
  • Dance to the beat of PSY’s Gangnam Style which will provide you an instant win. Make sure to have a sequentially patter of the KPOP artist banner, PSY, and a poster on 2nd, 3rd and 4th reel remember that it should be on horizontal line.
  • Another exciting reward is the K-POP Slot award it will be open once the KPOP artist banner and trophy appear side by side on any reel. Total bet will be automatically doubled.
  • Take home the KPOP jackpot by havinf a single star jackpot badge anywhere on the reel.

Hit or Miss?

Players who love KPOP music will surely appreciate not just the theme of this casino slot but also the amount of cash that they can bag out. Don’t miss this exciting game only on 12Crystal club.


Whatever your preference is you will surely love the 3D casino games that you can only see on 12BET. Check out this amazing games right through you mobile device for a hassle-free and convenient gaming experience.


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