A Single Point Deficit for the 4th Spot


2015-2016 Bundesliga Match Prediction

Schalke 04 vs. Borussia Monchengladbach
Match Venue: Veltins Arena
Match Date: 18 March 2016

Monchengladbach will surely not be able to relax as they face Schalke 04 with only a single point away to hold onto. Will they be able to keep their current ranking or will their competitor stole it from them?

Team Analysis

Schalke 04

Schalke is not just busy with their campaign in Bundesliga but so as in Europa League. Their journey in the competition became a roller coaster ride, after their successive stunt against Cologne and Hamburger the squad had a scoreless fight against Hertha which contributed to their lost. With their clash on this upcoming campaign Schalke is looking forward on securing a win.

If Schalke wants to ensure that this match will be within them then they must work on creating a good defense and creating as many as goal opportunities as possible.

Borussia Monchengladbach

Considered as one of the strongest team in the competition Monchengladbach is looking forward on having a back to back win. The squad has managed to win four out of their five matches previous matches against the opposition and they are in hope of extending the lead.

Monchengladbach gets to sweep away Eintracht on their recent clash, leaving them with their rival with a zero chance of converting a goal. Schalke is strong, which is the reason why the team needs to work hard on securing another win on the competition. Their hunger for a win must be bigger compared to their opponent.


The result on this match can help both teams to climb a better ranking on the competition. The probability of winning is within Schalke, but Monchengladbach cannot easily give up on their current ranking on the competition.

Schalke will be able to create as many goal chances as possible which their competitor must look out for if they don’t want to lose.


Schalke 04 2.35

Score: 1-0

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