AC Milan’s Hope of Bouncing Back


2015-2016 Serie A Match Predictions

AC Milan vs. Lazio
Match Venue: San Siro
Match Date: 20 March 2016

Both team are struggling to secure a win on the competition, failure to sustain a good stunt in the competition have brought AC Milan and Lazio to a lot of draw result. With the match-up that is about to happen both teams are looking forward for a triumphant ending, but who will be able to make it?

AC Milan

AC Milan forward Carlos Bacca has written a message which highlights the Rossoneri’s need to turn their form around if they are to achieve their target of finishing in the top three. The Diavolo could only muster a point in their last two games which also saw their 10 match unbeaten streak come to an end at the hands of Sassuolo before playing out a draw with Chievo.

Bouncing back in the competition is the primary goal of the squad, and their faith on finishing a good spot in the competition is high. Yet, with their current performance it will really be challenging for AC Milan to climb a better ranking. They are currently six points away from Inter, who is having an impressive stunt in the competition.


Lazio will try to make a back to back win, but will need to perform well in order to match-up the same intensity that their opponent has on this upcoming rally. This is one of the most exciting face-off on the league since both teams did perform well on their previous clashes.

The squad motivation will be their recent won against Atalanta wherein they leave their competitor with no chance of scoring at all. Different from their fate in Serie A, Lazio have failed to win over their rival on Europa League. With that the team is hoping that they will be able to create revenge on this upcoming campaign.


AC Milan has a higher probability of winning in this competition, but will fail to snatch the fifth spot on the tournament. Lazio on the other hand is expected to perform well on this rally they will give their opponent a tough fight.

An intense clash is soon to unveil as both teams are good in counter attack and defending the set piece.

AC Milan 2.00
Score: 3-1


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