Aiming for a Win after a Draw Result


2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Lazio vs. Roma
Match Venue: Stadio Olimpico
Match Date: 03 April 2016

The clean slate that Roma hold onto have already comes to an end after a draw result that they had against Inter. The same fate have happened to their upcoming rival Lazio who’s looking forward to bounce back in the competition after the unpredictable results that they had on their previous matches.

Team Analysis


Lazio’s hope on Europa League qualification round goes down as they ended up on having a draw result over AC Milan. Though Stefano Pioli’s men manage to take the lead over their opponent, the squad has failed to secure the goal that they made. The Biancocelesti poor defense has contributed to a draw result. The team has also played with only ten men on the field after Lulic was dismissed before the campaign ended.

The challenge is on as they are about to face the strong team of Roma. Committing the same mistake won’t help them to climb a better spot in the competition. The squad needs to convert as many goals as possible, to cut the deficit that their rivals have.


Frustration might have drawn Roma as they failed to enter the quarter finals of UEFA Champions League, added the recent draw result that they have against Inter which ended up their winning streak. These devastating results must be the reason of Luciano Spalleti squad to bounce back on the competition. Spalleti’s hope in his squad have never ended on Champions League, they will still be able to create a comeback on Serie A.

Roma is seven points away from Napoli, securing a win for this campaign might help in cutting the interval that their competitor has. A tactical defense will be the key if they want this game to be in favored of them.


Roma have managed to win over Lazio on their clash last year, the probability of winning this game will be in favored of them. Lazio must avoid on committing an error which can contribute to the success of their contender to secure a win.


Roma 2.17

Score: Lazio 1 – 2 Roma


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