Angers Reclaimed the 2nd Spot on the Ligue 1 Table


2015-2016 Ligue 1 Match Prediction

Angers vs. Nice
Match Venue: Allianz Riviera
Match Date: 15 January 2016

Angers regain the second spot on the Ligue 1 ranking table as they are ahead by a single point to the third team on the rank table Monaco.

Team Analysis


Goals were made by Pierrick Capelle and Billy Ketkeophomphone to be able to ensure that their rank will move upward. The game against Caen helped the team to redeem the 2nd spot.

Angers strength on protecting the lead must continue on their upcoming match in order to secure a momentum win.

If Angers wants to climb the top of the league table then they will need to ensure that they will create possible goals. PSG is on top of the ranking table, Angers will have a long journey to bring down the 20points advancement of PSG.


Nice performance against Lille last Monday should never be underestimated, the rally end with 1-1 resulting into draw. Nice has now a total of 30points in the 20 matches that they previously have.

Their competitor this weekend is only ahead by four and if Nice continuously do some counter attack then there might be a chance for them to redeem a momentum win. On their previous match last year against their upcoming competitor the Angers the result was draw.


The match will be intense as two of the top leading teams are ready to battle it all out to have a momentum win. Who will be able to secure a triumphant win?

Nice is expected to dominate the possession on the ball Angers should work on this aspect.

Meanwhile Angers is expected to score through set piece the goalkeeper of the opposition should always be ready for this one.

Angers 1-1 Nice

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