Australia vs Pakistan Second Test: Cricket Betting Preview


The second test between Australia and Pakistan begins on the Boxing Day at the MCG in Melbourne under curious circumstances. Australia won the first test by 40 runs, but it looked like Pakistan gained all the momentum from the match. Pakistan came into the series as a team that last won a test match in Australia on 30 November 1995. They came close to winning the first test of this series, after been reduced to a hopeless situation. No wonder the team is now confident of looking at the Aussies straight in the eye. Their new-found confidence is likely to reflect on their game in the second test. And it should be taken into account while placing your cricket betting money.

Preview – Australia

Australia looked the infinitely superior side in the first three and half days. But on the fourth and fifth days when Pakistan raised their game, the Australian team panicked. It only shows that the confidence levels of these seemingly bullyish cricketers are not that high. Under normal circumstances, Steven Smith, David Warner and Usman Khawaja must dominate Pakistan’s bowling attack.  Similarly, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood and Jackson Bird should take care of Pakistan’s batting. However, the extra work the bowlers put in on the first test may have some impact on their performance in this match. Moreover, the pitch at the MCG is not fast and bouncy as the one at Brisbane. That would mean Australian players must produce their best to justify the favourite tag in cricket betting.

Preview – Pakistan

Pakistan have earned themselves a terrific position to approach the rest of the series as equals. However, Pakistan is the most mercurial side in the cricket world. In fact, there is a golden rule in cricket betting: Never take Pakistan’s performance in one test as the yardstick of prediction of their very next test. Youngsters like Asad Shafiq and Mohammad Amir had a great first test. If the rest of the squad too will raise their game, Pakistan could be in with a chance.


Australia must win this match 90% of the time. Still, if you are adventurous about cricket betting, go ahead and check the odds of a Pakistan win. If you are lucky, you could make a fortune and watch some fabulous cricket as a bonus.


Photo Credit: India Express


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