Barcelona will try to End their Drought on Winning


2015-2016 La Liga Match Prediction

Barcelona vs. Deportivo La Coruna
Match Venue: Riazor
Match Date: 20 April 2016

With the rumors that Barca feels exhausted due to the non-stop campaigns and proactive that they have over the few days, questions roam around as to whether they will be able to end their continuous losing streak over Deportivo La Coruna.

Team Analysis


The continuous losing streak of Barca is undeniably unexpected after the squad gets eliminated on the Champions League, they are now experience a drought on having an easy win in the Spanish competition. Fans get disappointed as they are now tied with Atletico Madrid who’s aiming to snatch the number one spot in the tournament. Luis Enrique’s responsibility is tighter as he needs to help his men to bounce back in the competition. Enrique is happy with the support that the team gets from their loyal supporters during their clash over Valencia whom they had their third consecutive lost.

Despite the fact that team had dominated the game they still fall over their competitor which resulted to a failure on winning the game. On the hand, Barca star Lionel messi gets to reach his 450th goal in their most recent match. With the success that Messi have a lot is still hoping that will be able to redeem themselves back and secure the top spot.

Fans still holds on to the impressive stunt that Messi, Neymar, and Suarez have that will lead them to a successful win. Barca’s next game after this will be over the struggling team of Sporting Guijon. With only a few matches left the squad needs to ensure that this rally will be in favored of them.

Deportivo La Coruna

Deportivo is eyeing for a win after their giant rival experience a continuous lost in the competition. The squad had managed to match the same intensity that Barcelona had which leads to a draw result on their first meet up. Victor Sanchez’s men will use this as an advantage to have the upper hand in favored of them.


Another draw result is expected on this match-up. Barca needs to find themselves back on the track before this exciting campaign happens. Winning this game will help them regain the confidence that they had before and have the number one spot still in favor of them.

Meanwhile, Deportivo will try to take advantage on the devastation that their visitors have in order to execute well on this rally.

Barcelona 1.21
Score: Barcelona 2-2 Deportivo La Coruna

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