Bouncing Back after a Devastating Lost


2015-2016 English Premier League Match Prediction

Manchester United vs. Crystal Palace
Match Venue: Old Trafford
Match Date: 12 March 2016

It was indeed a tough season for both Manchester United and Crystal Palace, both teams had a not so impressive performance but on hope of bouncing back in the competition. Who will be able to surpass the heat as they face each other with a goal of having a momentum win at the end?

Team Analysis

Manchester United

The unexpected lost against West Bromwich have put devastation to Manchester United squad, and this type of emotion can either help them or not, in winning the match against the struggling squad of Crystal Palace. The performance of Louis van Gaal squad is not on its finest as they experience a roller coaster ride, wherein they will win then afterwards they will lost. Failure to sustain the intensity throughout the game became a hindrance to the team who keeps on having a problem in snatching a win.

On their clash against Bromwich the team only had ten players on the field due to the foul that Juan Mata has earlier in the game. This type of violation won’t be good, Manchester United needs to avoid on being too aggressive on the game.

Manchester United won’t just be focusing on EPL but so as on Europa League, before the said campaign the squad will go against Liverpool. Though the matches become hard van Gaal still believe that his men will be able to make it on the final four.

Crystal Palace

Though they are nine points away from the relegation zone, Crystal Palace needs to have the eagerness to win over their rival. The team has already experience four losses out of their six previous matches, their latest one is from Liverpool who leaves them hanging with a 2-1 score ending the said rally.

There are a lot of areas that Palace needs to improve on; one of it is keeping the possession of the ball which became the reason why they always ended up losing instead of winning. Creation of many goals as possible will be challenging, yet if the team really wants to win then they must work hard for it.


The match will be considered as a make it or break it for Manchester United, their faith on the game can be determine by this campaign. Hungry for a win must be the motivation of Crystal Palace in order to perform well on this competition. Though they are considered as the underdog on the match, Manchester United must never be that relax it they don’t want to have the same result on their campaign against Bromwich.


Score: 1-0


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