Brazil vs. Argentina: 2018 FIFA World Cup South American Qualifiers Match Prediction


2018 FIFA World Cup South American Qualifiers

Match Venue: Estadio Governador Magalhaes Pinto

Match Date: 10 November 2016


12BET (Football Tips) The most awaited clash between the two south American giant nations is about to unfold, as Brazil welcomes Argentina in hope of continuing their success from 2016 Summer Olympics.

Team Analysis


The Brazilian side it at its finest as the team remains to be unbeaten on their standing, giving them the chance to stay on the top of the competition. There’s definitely no doubt that Tite’s men gets to step-up their game in the tournaments that they are into.

The team gets to record a total of 21 points in their ten previous matches, and they are expecting to add more score as the event progresses. They only have a single point deficit against Paraguay who’s currently seated on the second spot.

Neymar Jr. gets to create a play for his team as he lead them by creating goals, but it’s not just the Barcelona star that created a play as Gabriel Jesus nailed his first goal in their recent win against Venezuela. The 19-year old player was a great threat, as he was a good option in creating a point for his team once he entered the field.

The front runner will surely use their home court advantage to capitalize in this campaign as they manage to record eleven wins out of their twelve home matches. With that comes the probability for them to beat Argentina.


The Argentines were having a bumpy journey in the qualifying round of World Cup 2018. The team recently failed to stop Paraguay in creating a score, as they lose right at their home court with a 1-0 run.

Their record wasn’t as impressive as before, and one of the factors that a lot of people do considered in their unlucky play is the fact that they failed to win the title in Copa America 2016. They were trying to create a run but they don’t succeed in finding the man that will have an eye on the net to conceal a goal.

What’s more bothering is the fact that they only recorded five win out of their 12 away matches in different competitions. They are in badly needed for a win as they are currently seated on the sixth place, away from the qualification zone.


This Super Classico rivalry is expected to be intense as Barcelona stars Lionel Messi and Neymar try to create a score for their corresponding team.

The upper hand was indeed in favor of the host, yet never set aside the fact that the Argentine will try to make a run as they are aiming to climb a better position in the national table. Edgardo Bauza’s men will try to cut the deficit that the Brazilian national team holds as of the moment.

Brazil 2.11 (this odd might change)

Score: 3-1


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