Cavs Expects to Dominate another Game against the Raptors


NBA Eastern Conference Finals Match Prediction (Game 2)

Match Venue: Quicken Loans Arena
Match Date: 19 May 2016

It was an easy Game 1 win for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they destroy the hope of Toronto Raptors with a final score of 115-84. Lebron James together with Kyrie Irving led their team toward a triumphant end. A lot of people do expect that the said scenario will happen, but didn’t come up with the idea that they will get to create a deficit of 31 points.

A career high performance was shown by the Cavs due to their desire to bounce back in the competition after losing in the finals a year ago. The team had experienced drought on the title for 52 years, now that the opportunity is on all they need to do is to own it. Lebron James seems to be not so satisfied with game knowing that they only get to score seven out of twenty 3-points attempt.

On the other hand, Raptors coach Dwane Casey said that their opponent is quicker, which his men needs to watch out for on Game 2. Kyle Lowry whom the team put their trust into only scored eight points. Casey needs to figure it out on how to stop their rivals and match the same intensity that they have before the next leg of the competition start.


It was the fast pace of the game that led to the extinction of the Raptops on the court. Game 2 is about to start, and another highly anticipated match will happen wherein the Cavs gets to snatch a win.

Cavs look refreshed and way better than before, and James will always be an important factor for another momentum win. With Jonas Valanciunas absence in the competition due to his sprained on his right ankle another doubtful game 2 is about to occur.


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Cleveland Cavaliers 1.91
Photo Credit: NBA


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