Citizen Aims for another Clean Sheet Match


2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Newcastle United vs. Manchester City
Match Venue: St. James Park
Match Date: 19 April 2016

It was indeed a great season for Manchester City as they advance on the semifinals of Champions League and holds a good spot on Premier League. With that the team is now in hope of having a good match up over Newcastle United who just bounces back after their five defeated games on the competition.

Team Analysis

Newcastle United

Newcastle clean sheet rally over Swansea didn’t give them the chance to move out from the relegation zone, and the struggle continuous as they face the Citizen right on their home court. Failure to have a tight defense over their opponents has led to the continuous struggle of Rafael Benitez squad to climb a better position on the tournament. The team whom they are about to encounter holds a good score against them.

The team will take advantage of the fact that they are in their home court and they do not want to disappoint their fans. Their recent win over Swansea is considered as their comeback after the continuous drought that they had on their previous campaigns. The challenge is now own as they are about to have a tough fight over their overly confident opponent whom they will meet the second time around this season.

Manchester City

Manchester City is surely on their finest as they manage to get the third spot and is about to cut down the five points deficit that Tottenham have over them. The Citizen had a total of six points on their first meet up against Newcastle, which they also expect to have on their second clash. City enjoys their three consecutive wins and is aiming for the fourth one; their recent campaign against Chelsea was indeed impressive as they never let their opponent to secure a goal over them.

The upper hand on this event is in favored of them, with oozing confidence that they have beating Manuel Pellegrini’s squad will surely be tough. The manager is hoping to conceal a lot of goals in order to have their spot away from Arsenal whom they are tied with in terms of the number of goals.

Meanwhile, the Citizen is about to face the strong squad of Real Madrid on the semis of Champions League. This will now be a challenge as Pellegrini’s men wants to ensure that they will have a successful end on both competition.


It is an exciting match to consider as both teams have their own goal – Newcastle wants to be out on the relegation zone while Manchester City wants to have their position safe from their other rivals. The triumphant win will be with the visitors, as they are about to take control of this campaign.

Manchester City 1.57
Score: Newcastle 1-3 Manchester City


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