Euro 2016 Match Prediction: England vs. Iceland


Match Venue: Allianz Riviera
Match Date: 27 June 2016

The fairytale journey of Iceland continues as they face England in the round of 16.The question now is will they be able to bump off the three lion squad?

Head to Head

06/02/1982       Iceland 1-1 England

06/05/2004       England 6-1 Iceland

Team Analysis


The three lion squad performance is not as its finest during the group stage as they have two draw and one win result. Just like Antonio Conte, Roy Hodgson created six changes in their previous two matches which wasn’t effective enough for them to top their cluster.

The English side has a lot of potential players yet they come-up short in executing well which triggered to those result.

Good news is that Wayne Rooney confirmed to be fit on this campaign and is expected to lead his team to steal the win over their contender. England is now determined to keep their undefeated record on their last 25 matches.

England (4-3-3): Hart – Walker, Cahill, Smalling, Rose – Dier, Wilshere, Rooney – Lallana, Kane, Vardy

England’s Last Five Matches

05/27/2016       England 2-1 Australia

06/02/2016       England 1-0 Portugal

06/11/2016       England 1-1 Russia

06/16/2016       England 2-1 Wales

06/20/2016       Slovakia 0-0 England


If there’s something to watch out for in the Icelandic side its none other than the midfielder of the squad, Aron Gunarsson. The long throw of the ball in the field will give the English side the hard time on having a fast pace rally. He is now considered as the threat and can help in ending the hope of their contender to advance in the quarter finals.

Though considered as the smallest nation to qualify in the Euro 2016, Iceland gets to stun a lot of football fans as they progress and make it this far. The challenge is on as they try to create another impressive play with one of the giants in the competition.

Iceland (4-4-2): Halldorsson – Saevarsson, Arnason, R. Sigurdsson, Skulason – Gudmundsson, B. Bjarnason, G. Sigurdsson, T Bjarnason – Sigthorsson, Bodvarsson

Iceland Last Five Matches

06/01/2016       Norway 3-2 Iceland

06/06/2016       Iceland 4-0 Liechtenstein

06/14/2016       Portugal 1-1 Iceland

06/18/2016       Iceland 1-1 Hungary

06/22/2016       Iceland 2-1 Austria


England will never have an easy win in the competition as Iceland is now considered as a great threat for their progression in the tournament. Counter attack is something to watch out for from Iceland.

Hodgson’s men needs to step up their game as they are extremely poor in creating clean cut chances, and there’s a great probability that the match will end into a draw result.


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England 1.51
Score: 2-1

Photo Credit: Scorrex


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