Euro 2016 Match Prediction: Germany vs. Ukraine


Match Venue: Stade Pierre-Mauroy
Match Date: 12 June 2016

An experience German squad is about to take lead as they face Ukraine the newbie in the competition. The challenge is on for the first timer as they try to face the strong squad of Germany who have won three UEFA European Championship Cup titles. They are also the current world champions in FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Although the German’s national team hold the great records, they should never be relax as the Ukrainian squad tries to give them a tough match in hope of advancing to the next round of the competition.

Lossing key players in the competition will be the challenge for Joachim Low’s men. Aside from that, rumors also spread regarding the health issue that his team captain face. Bastian Schweinsteger just made a comeback after his taking a break due to injury. Manchester United midfielder is still not sure as whether he can play full time on their first match in Euro 2016.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s coach Mykhailo Fomenko will trust the 20-year old Kovalenko in leading his team towards a great start in the competition. The midfielder of Shakhtar has a positive vibes within him which he showcase in the game that usually leads them towards a great stunt. Ukraine will try to hold on as they face some of the tough contenders in the group stage.

It is pretty much hard to predict on who will win in this match-up. Germany will have the advantage of winning with the help of Thomas Muller and Mesut Ozil. This will not be an easy campaign for both squads as they can execute well. One thing is for sure this match will be an exciting one, since both teams have a great tactical defense.


Rewarding odds are now out on 12BET.

Germany 1.58

Score: 2 – 1

Photo Credit: TicketBis


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