Euro 2016 Match Prediction: Hungary vs. Portugal


Match Venue: Parc Olympique Lyonnais
Match Date: 22 June 2016


Portugal gets to win all their last five matches against Hungary that makes them the favorite in this campaign.

Team Analysis


The Hungarian side is currently on top of their league table after having a draw result against Iceland. These guarantee them a top three finish, which will help them to advance in the round of 16.

Birkir Saevarrson gets to create a goal which the team didn’t expect that lead them to a tie result with their rival. Never giving up in this campaign made Coach Bernd Storck happy with the performance of his men. Trying to seek possession in the clash and giving out the best on them have developed into an impressive stunt.

They are expected to use that same attitude as they face one of the crowd favorites in the competition, Portugal.


Frustration triggers after a goalless draw result over Austria. Cristiano Ronaldo who was well-known for penalty kick failed to generate a goal. He also attempted to make several shot but it didn’t work.

The line-up of Austria makes it hard for the star players of Portugal to convert a goal, a number of important stops were made by their contenders’ goalkeeper to ensure that the Portuguese squad will be unsuccessful in having a score.

Fernando Santo the manager of the team admitted that they had a hard time in the attacking defense that the Austrian had during the said rally. Although, devastated the Portuguese still hope that they will be able to bounce back as they face Hungary on their final group stage match.


Hungary is sure to finish in top three, while Portugal need a lot of working stuff to do. The Portuguese side needs to convert a goal to finish on third place – a sure win or a draw result will assure them to fight for a slot in the next leg of the European tournament.


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Portugal 1.45

Score: 0-2

Hungary (4-2-2): Szalai, Dzsudzsak, Gera, Stieber, Nagy, Kleinheiser, Kadar, Guzmics, Juhasz, Lang, Kiraly

Portugal (3-3-4): Nani, Ronaldo, Queresma, Moutimho, Danilo, W. Carvalho, Guerreiro, R. Carvalho, Pepe, Vierinha, Patricio

Head to Head

07/03/1966      Portugal 3-1 Hungary

06/09/1998      Hungary 1-3 Portugal

09/10/1999      Portugal 3-0 Hungary

09/09/2009      Hungary 0-1 Portugal

10/10/2009      Portugal 3-0 Hungary

Hungary Last Five Matches

03/26/2016      Hungary 0-1 Croatia

05/20/2016      Hungary 0-0 Ivory Coast

06/04/2016      Germany 2-0 Hungary

06/14/2016      Austria 0-2 Hungary

06/18/2016      Iceland 1-1 Hungary

Portugal Last Five Matches

05/29/2016      Portugal 3-0 Norway

05/29/2016      England 1-0 Portugal

06/02/2016      Portugal 7-0 Estonia

06/14/2016      Portugal 1-1 Iceland

06/18/2016      Portugal 0-0 Austria

Photo Credit: Scorrex


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