Euro 2016 Match Prediction: Romania vs. Switzerland


Match Venue: Parc des Princes
Match Date: 15 June 2016

Romania manages to match the same intensity that their rival have, but failed to secure the net over France which led to their loss. Meanwhile, Switzerland gets to have a clean sheet over Albania.

Team Analysis


It may be devastating as the team failed to secure a sure win, but what was good about their match over the French squad is the fact that they get to create an impressive play. They managed to hold the pressure that the host had on the competition. With that confident rise as they face Switzerland in hope of stealing a win.

Defense was the edge of the squad which gave France the hard time to easily get a win.


A complete opposite result over their upcoming opponent is what the Swiss had as they win over Albania. This gave them the confident to strive more and try to win against Romania. The challenge is up for the national team or Switzerland to work more on their defense as this became their problem on their recent match.

Performance like that will put them on risk as Romania can play well in terms of tight defense.


Romania’s rally over France will help them surpass their contender performance. Romanians are incredibly hard to break down tactical defense will be their advantage to ensure a win over the Swiss side, but there might be a chance that this match will result into draw.


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Switzerland 2.49
Score: 1 – 1

Photo Credit: EuroCup2016LiveStreaming


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