Euro 2016 Match Prediction: Russia vs. Wales


Match Venue: Stadium Municipal
Match Date: 20 June 2016

Russia is looking forward in winning their match against Wales who’s hoping to make it in the next leg of the competition.

Team Analysis


Russia is currently on the bottom rank of their group standing after having a devastating lost over Slovakia. A win in their last clash will atleast help them to finish in top three.

A lot of football enthusiast blames the line-up that Leonid Slutsky used which contributed to their lost on their recent match. The Russian coach said that there’s nothing wrong on how he positioned his men since this have been their plan in the beginning. They just had a hard time in creating a goal, as for that the Russia’s national team is planning to change their system especially on the midfielders post.


Hard work didn’t pay-off that big as Wales failed to win over their old enemy England. Wales took the lead in the start of the competition with the help of Real Madrid star Gareth Bale, but pressure started to rise after Roy Hodgson created a substitution.

Although the team ended up with a heartbreaking lost, Chris Coleman the manager of the squad praised them for giving out their best. He said that all players made an effort just to match up the same intensity that their rivals have. Their lost will surely serve as learning, and their upcoming campaign will surely be their revenge to end either first or second in the group stage.


Russia gets to take the lead against Wales on their three previous campaigns. They are hungry for their first win in the group stage. This will help them to surpass the heat that the Welshmen have who’s hoping to make it in the round of 16.


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Wales 2.63
Score: 0-1


Russia (4-2-4): Dzyuba, Shatov, Smolov, Kokorin, Neustadter, Golovin, Kokorin, Schennikov, Berezutski, Ignashevich, Smolnikov, Akinfeev

Wales (4-3-3): Bale, Ramsey, Williams, Allen, Taylor, Ledley, Gunter, Davies, Williams, Chester, Hennessey

Head to Head

11/15/2003      Russia 0-0 Wales

11/19/2003      Wales 0-1 Russia

09/10/2008      Russia 2-1 Wales

03/09/2009      Wales 1-3 Russia

Russia’s Last Five Matches

03/29/2016      France 4-2 Russia

06/01/2016      Russia  1-2 Czech Republic

06/05/2016      Russia 1-1 Serbia

06/11/2016      England 1-1 Russia

06/15/2016      Russia 1-2 Slovakia

Wales’s last Five Matches

03/24/2016      Wales 1-1 Northern Ireland

03/28/2016      Ukraine 1-0 Wales

06/05/2016      Sweden 3-0 Walws

06/11/2016      Wales 2-1 Slovakia

06/16/2016      England 2-1 Wales

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