Euro 2016 Match Prediction: Sweden vs. Belgium


Match Venue: Allianz Riviera
Match Date: 22 June 2016

The Belgians will try to capitalize on the said match as they face the struggling team of Sweden.

Team Analysis


Erik Hamren side failed to stop the impressive stunt that Italy had during their match. Failure to bring their intense performance until the end of the rally gave the Italian squad a chance to conceal a goal.

The manager of the squad have defended their star player Zlatan Ibrahimovic who was expected to lead them towards a victorious win but came up short. Still, the Swedish manager believes that they will be able to bounce back and the PSG star will still be the one to make the successful campaign happen.

This will also be the last appearance of Zlatan if they will lost this match as the football star decided to end his career after the European Cup.


Different from the fate of their upcoming rival the Belgian side gets to seal three goals and have a clean sheet over Ireland, giving them the opportunity to progress. It’s the combination and perfect timing of Romelu Lukalulu and Axel Witsel who made it possible for them to take away the lead over Ireland. Added the impressive performance that Kevin de Bruyne had, it was indeed an easy win for the Belgium’s national team.

Marc Wilmots created three changes in the match which actually did work for his men to cope-up with the lost that they had against Italy. All players were ready to face Sweden whom they are expecting to have a back to back win with.


Belgium only needs a draw result to ensure a top three spot in their group. Winning this match will give the other team a hard time on beating the Belgian side during the round of 16. Meanwhile, losing this campaign will not just end the career of Ibrahimovic but so as the Swedish side journey in the European Championship.


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Belgium 1.84

Score: 2-2

Sweden (2-4-4): Berg, Ibrahimovic, Forsberg, Kallstrom, Lewiski, Larsson, Olsson, Granqvist, Lindelof, Lustig, Isaksson

Belgium (3-2-4-1): Lukaku, Hazard, de Bruyne, Carassco, Nainggolan, Witsel, Vertonghen, Vermaelen, Alderweireld, Ciman, Courtois

Head to head

10/19/1960      Sweden 2-0 Belgium

10/04/1961      Belgium 0-2 Sweden

02/21/1990      Belgium 0-0 Sweden

06/10/2000      Belgium 2-1 Sweden

06/01/2014      Sweden 0-2 Belgium

Photo Credit: Scorrex


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