Euro 2016 Match Prediction: Wales vs. Slovakia


Match Venue: Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux
Match Date: 11 June 2016

Wales’s last warm-up match in the competition gave them a humiliating feeling of not crating any score at all. Their chance to redeem themselves back will happen if they will be able to beat Slovakia in their first meet up on the actual event.

Team Analysis


The first ever appearance of the Wales national team is about to happen, and their hope of ending it big is currently at its peak. The last time they made it in the international tournament was in 1958 FIFA World Cup, where they reach the quarter finals.

With Gareth Bale in the squad Chris Coleman is expecting to have a successful finish. The Real Madrid star had a problem in stopping the Swedish squad which left them with a goalless match. This type of scenario cannot happen in the actual game if they don’t want to have an early goodbye in the event.


After making it to the FIFA World Cup in 2010, another door had opened as Slovakia get into the group stage of the European Championship. This becomes possible with the help of the head coach of the national team Jan Kozak.

Tactical defense and coordination between the players is what the squad had in order to conquer the bigger team of Wales.


This will be a crucial game for Wales since Slovakia can also perform well in the competition and can match-up the same intensity of their contender. There will be a chance that a draw result will occur but if Coleman will be able to help his team get back on the track again then they will surely win.


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Wales 2.76

Score: 3-2

Photo Credit: TicketBis


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