Everton Failure to Secure a Win on Seven Matches


2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Everton vs. Bournemouth
Match Venue: Goodison Park
Match Date: 30 April 2016

Creating a comeback in the competition will be a challenge for Everton as they continuously face failure on their last seven matches. The challenge is on as to whether they will give away this game to Bournemouth who have a total of 41 score just like them.

Team Analysis


As devastating lost was given to the struggling squad of Everton as they face a 4-0 rally over Liverpool. The team doesn’t juts experience the said bad luck on the English tournament but same as in FA Cup Semi Finals wherein they were down by one point against Manchester United. The following results are not the outcome that Roberto Martinez wants for his men, especially now that the season is about to end.

There are only a few games left to crown the next EPL champions, and the great challenge for Everton now is to end the season with a good ranking. The hope of bouncing back in the competition will be in favor of them as the face Bournemouth this weekend. Martinez men have managed to have a clean sheet over their visitors on their first meet-up and are aiming to do the same.


A single goal is not enough for Bournemouth to have a momentum win over their rivals. Eddie Howe’s men hungry for a win as they travel to Goodison park this weekend with a goal redeeming them back in the competition. Winning this game can change the fate of Bournemouth as they can either snatch the place of their upcoming rival or sweep away Watford.


It’s a do or die match for both team as they want to secure a good standing before this season ends. The upper hand is within Everton, but the chances of draw result must also occur.

Everton 1.87
Score: Everton 2 – 1 Bournemouth

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