FIFA fines Qatar over Players Political Statement Shirts


Qatar’s football federation has been fined for breaching FIFA rules over support for political icon, Emir at the World Cup qualifier.

With the violation, FIFA imposed a sum of money to be paid by the 2022 World Cup host amounting to 50,000 Swiss francs ($51,800) as penalty charges.

Qatar players warmed up by wearing white shirt with a printed face of Emir on it prior the 3-2 win match against South Korea that took place in Doha (refer to Sportsbook for best betting odds).

Apart from the players and Alhaydos in particular who lifted the shirt high after his successful goal delivery, stadium crowds have also shown their support towards the public figure by wearing shirts with image of Emir.

Meanwhile, there were also other FIFA sanctions that have been announced on Thursday.

Players and coaching staffs of host Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece flared trouble after an intense square off which resulted to penalties.

Bosnia forward Edin Dzeko’s clash with Kostas Manolas of Greece started the dispute and were each fined 2,500 Swiss francs ($2,590).

Stephane Gilli, hosts’ assistant coach is also bound to serve sanction who will face six months suspension after punching a Greece player in the face.

Bosnia is also banned from using Zenica stadium for at least a month and is ordered to pay 30, 000 Swiss francs, ($31,150) for an array of violations which includes mocking of Greek national anthem prior to match kick off.

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