Juventus President Andrea Agnelli banned for illegally selling tickets


Juventus President Andrea Agnelli has been banned for one year by the Italian Football Federation on Monday for selling tickets to mafia-linked fans.

Apart from that, Agnelli was also fined € 20,000, while Juventus has been ordered to pay €300,000, and three other club officials were banned.

The 41-year-old chairman was accused of participating and aiding “ultras” supporter’s group leaders to sell tickets at a higher value on the black market, which will fund the illegal mafia group.

Agnelli’s solicitor said he will appeal, while Italian Football Federation prosecutor Giuseppe Pecoraro also said that he is going to take further action by appealing for a harsher sentence—two-and-a-half-year suspension and €50,000 fine.

With the current sanction that the club is facing, Pecoraro said, “I’m partly satisfied because we’ve been able to prove the guilt of everyone involved, but the findings were so serious that, in my opinion, they should have been punished more, so we’ll appeal,” Pecoraro told AFP after the hearing.”

Andrea Agnelli has been appointed as the European Club Association earlier this month. His family have owned Juventus for almost a century now.

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