Tim Sherwood urges Arsenal to make Managerial Change


Former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has called on Arsenal to make the necessary managerial change after the club lost to Manchester City in the recent Carabao Cup.

Coach Arsene Wenger’s side was crushed by City in the final round of the tournament which ended in a 0-3 defeat of Arsenal on Sunday (check out the best betting odds).

Given such result, Sherwood believes that the current team would highly benefit with the potential changes to be executed in the squad.

Speaking on the program, The Debate, he said: “The players are not good enough to challenge for the Premier League title. The Arsenal fans want a team to challenge but they’re miles away from that at the moment.

“They need more players, different types of players, a better balance to their squad, and they need a new voice. I love Arsene Wenger and I love what he’s done for that football club and I’d always support him as much as I can, but I think they’ve run out of time.

“They need a new voice. And the players need a new voice. Sometimes you listen to the same voice too many times and you can listen to him all you want if you’re winning, but when you start losing, you need to change the voice.”

Meanwhile, former Arsenal midfielder Ray Parlour believes that Patrick Vieira, current head coach of New York City FC would best fit to be the Gunners’ next voice.

“I would take a gamble on Patrick Vieira,” said Parlour. “He’d get time. He’s managed in New York and he knows the club very well. He knows the history of the club and where the club wants to go.

“He’d be able to attract big players and he’d be given a chance by the fans. That would be the choice for me but the board may go for someone with a little more experience.”

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