Serie A Match Prediction US Citta di Palermo vs Empoli FC


Match Venue: Renzo Barbera

Match Date:  28 May 2017

12BET (Football Tip)

It was a very poor season for Palermo and Empoli but it’s a pretty balanced match-up. The relegated Palermo is expected to win this game. Yet, Empoli will not let it happen without giving a fight as they need to score 3 points to stay in Serie A.

Head to Head Matches

07/01/2017     Empoli 1:0 Palermo

19/03/2016     Empoli 0:0 Palermo

02/11/2015     Palermo 0:1 Empoli

01/03/2015     Palermo 0:0 Empoli

05/10/2014     Empoli 3:0 Palermo

03/02/2014     Empoli 1:1 Palermo

Team Analysis


Palermo has kept a clean sheet in their last 3 home matches but they have been edge by US Pescara in their away game 2-0 at Stadio Adriatico. Pescara claimed their final home game of the season and gave their fans something to cheer. The goal came from Robert Muric in the 15th minute header and followed by Alexandru Mitrita three minutes from time.


Emopoli lost to Atalanta 1-0 in front of their home crowd at Stadio Carlo Castellini. The opponent Alejandro Gomez went to a 13th minute goal to beat the host team. Empoli is now at ranked 17 with 32 point won in the league.


Palermo will try to please their fans by showing good football in their last game in Serie A against Empoli.  

Palermo 2.63 (this odd might change)

Score: 1-0

Photo Credit: taiwannews


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