Formula 1 Brazilian Grand Prix: Online Betting Preview


The 2016 season of Formula 1 is heading to a pulsating finish. Who will win the drivers’ championship – Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg has 349 points against Hamilton’s 330. Just two more races remain. The first of the last two races will be held at Interlagos Circuit in Sao Paulo. It will make a thrilling scenario in the online betting front as well. This could  be perhaps the last opportunity to wager on bets for the season’s winner. If Rosberg wins the Brazilian Grand Prix, he will win the tile irrespective of what Hamilton does.

Other Scenarios

Rosberg can win in other situations as well. For example, he finishes second or third and Hamilton finishes sixth or below; or he finishes. If anything else happens, the title will be decided only in Abu Dhabi in the final race of the season. Vettel will look forward to finish at least second in case Hamilton clinches the race.

About Brazilian Grand Prix

It is a deceptively tricky circuit with somewhat unique design. The track is 4.309 km. Drivers have to cover a distance of 305.909 km over 71 laps. Rosberg is the reigning champion of Brazilian Grand Prix. He won in 2014 as well. Curiously Hamilton has never won the race here. It is curious because it always rains during Brazilian Grand Prix and Hamilton is the acknowledged master of  racing in wet conditions among the current generation drivers.


Hamilton has produced the fastest lap during practice. He seems intent and determined to win this one. If it rains, it would disadvantage Rosberg’s position. Not only Hamilton becomes stronger and more confident, the Red Bull drivers too will become more challenging. This will be a high-pressure affair for the Mercedes team. Tempers are likely to explode. Don’t be too surprised if both the Mercedes drivers do not finish and one of the Red Bull drivers sneaks a win. For online betting, it is better to stay with Rosberg.


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