Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix: Online Betting Preview


The Singapore Grand Prix offers the unique spectacle of night racing on a street circuit to the Formulae One ensemble. It has a number of corners and turns; one cannot just wroom off to a flying lap. It negates the mean power of engines and puts emphasis on the driver skills. As the Singapore Grand Prix final race is all set to begin tomorrow, here is what you should know for online betting.

Mercedes may not win

There was an air of predictability about Formula One in general over the last few years. However, the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore has generally bucked that trend. For instance, Mercedes has been the clear-cut winner at almost all other races; but they failed to win here last year. Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel emerged victorious in 2015. Even during the practice races, Lewis Hamilton’s car suffered an engine break down. These are not good omens for Mercedes. A good thing for them is that Nico Rosberg was the fastest during practice.

Who among the others have a chance?

Ferrari, and their legion continuously disappointing fans, will look for an encore from Vettel. But neither Vettel nor his Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen, who was the second fastest behind Rosberg in practice, looks capable of pulling off a win here.

So, who must one place money for online betting?

It is hard to tell. But one team that has an excellent record at Singapore Grand Prix is Red Bull. Their drivers are in terrific form too. Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo have a good outing during practice. Red Bull team certainly is a confident. Its team principal Christian Horner said: “The difference with this venue is it plays a little more to our strengths than some of the previous races”. Ricciardo too looks particularly upbeat about his chances.

Vital stats

The circuit is 5.065 km long, with as many as 23 turns. Drivers have to cover 308.828 km over 61 laps. Among the current drivers, Vettel, Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have won here. Vettel have the most number of wins at this circuit all time.

The engine failure during practice is clearly a setback to Hamilton’s efforts of holding on to the top position. He has just two points lead over Rosberg.


Red Bull and Mercedes start favourites, ahead of Ferrari. It would not be a surprise if Force India or McLaren, with the help of some luck, fights their way to a podium finish. Check out their online betting odds @ 12 bet.

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