Formula One Abudhabi Grand Prix: Online Betting Preview


The last and final race of this year’s Formula One is here. The best thing is that the winner of this year’s title has not yet been decided. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are still going neck and neck, even though Rosberg is in a better position. The odds of online betting will favour him, even though Hamilton still has realistic chances.

Title Scenario

Rosberg has 367 points and Hamilton has 355 points. The difference is 12 points. The points system in F1 is such that the winner will get 25 points, second-place 18 points, third place 15 points, and fourth place 12. Hamilton has to finish at least at the fourth position to entertain hopes of winning the title. Rosberg can alter his driving strategy based on how Hamilton is faring. Still, if Rosberg finishes in the top-three, he will win the title no matter where Hamilton finishes. Several permutations and combinations arise depending on whether Hamilton finishes on second, third or fourth.

There is a chance of a tie as well – that is, both Hamilton and Rosberg finish on the same points. If that happens, the number of wins and number of second positions will be used. Both the drivers have the same number of wins: 9. At the moment, Rosberg has four second places against Hamilton’s three. If Hamilton finishes second points and the total points end in a tie (it can happen if Rosberg finishes seventh), Hamilton will because he has four third-places against Rosberg’s two. It is nail-biting stuff, both for online betting and for mere watching.

About Abudhabi Grand Prix

The Yas Marina circuit, which has the outline of hand-held gun, is 5.554 km long. The racers cover a distance of 305.470 km over 55 laps. The circuit has two almost straight passages, where Hamilton can possibly flex his overtaking muscles. Hamilton has won here twice, and Rosberg won here last year. Hamilton looks the fastest during the practice session. He is realistic about his chances: “It’s not been a perfect season and I’m faced with pretty impossible odds no matter what I do this weekend. But I can’t and won’t give up. You never know what might happen – however unlikely it may seem.”

Rosberg too upbeat about his chances: “Obviously, the result in Brazil wasn’t the one I was going for. But Lewis did a great job and second place wasn’t a disaster in the end. I’m looking forward now to Abu Dhabi. It feels great to be in the World Championship battle with Lewis for a third year in a row. I will give it everything to end the season with a win.”


Hamilton may emerge victorious at the race, but Rosberg is more likely to win the title.


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