Formula One Spanish Grand Prix: Online Betting Preview


Formula One 2017 is now four races old. Already there is a neck-and-neck battle for lead between Ferrari and Mercedes. For a relief from monotony of the previous years, Ferrari are ahead – but not by much. Both the teams have won two races each. The traditional European stretch of the event starts from this week with Spanish Grand Prix. Whoever will make the best use of this stretch will go on to win the title. As for online betting, it is wise to bet either on Ferrari or Mercedes. However, Red Bull are equally well set to make this European stretch count. Remember Max Verstappen’s surprise win here last time?

Vital Stats

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is one of the iconic circuits in F1 history. It should be the forefather of all modern-day circuit – long straights coupled with tricky curves and corners. It is 4.65 km long. Drivers cover a distance of just over 307 km over 66 laps. Apart from Verstappen, among the current drivers, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen have won here. Michael Schumacher has won here the most number of times – six wins. Ferrari will take inspiration from that statistic.

Race for Supremacy

Vettel now has gained some ground over Hamilton. He now leads by 13 points. Hamilton will be slightly worried by the great form shown by his own team mate Valtteri Bottas. Hamilton was the fastest in the practice sessions. But on race days, Ferrari is equal to Mercedes in speed and strategy, if not better. Hamilton will want to quickly regain the lead, as Vettel is someone who can keep increasing the lead little by little.

Prediction for Online Betting

This is a good time to consider an adventurous punt. The odds are great for a win for one of  the Red Bull boys – Verstappen or Daniel Ricciardo. How about a win for Ricciardo?


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