France Ended Iceland’s Fairytale Journey


France Ended Iceland’s Fairytale Journey

Match Result: France 5-2 Iceland


It is the power house of France who ended the dream of Iceland to have an impressive finish in the European Cup.

The host gets to break down the successful stunt that the Icelandic side have, ending it with a 5-2 run.

It was the star players of the host country that concealed their goal for their own advantage. Olivier Giroud, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba, and Dimitri Payet ensured that this campaign will be in favored of them and that they are unstoppable.

The French side had a smooth passing movement with the type of line-up that they have, this gave them an easy access to the net.

Meanwhile, Iceland did not surrendered, eventhough they are struggling they get to create two score. Six minutes left before the rally end, Birkir Bjarnason gets to seal the last goal for his team.

Although, their journey comes to an end, who would have thought that they can get to make it in the quarter finals? They get to have the same match intensity with Portugal, and beat England in order to make it this far. They might be the smallest nation but they become a threat to the other strong team whom they bump off.

Didier Deschamps men were left to celebrate their win, but this party won’t last as they are about to face Germany in semis this Friday. Iceland on the other hand went over their fans, and saluted each other with the familiar rhythmic clapping celebration.


The end is about to come, who will be crown as the champion of Euro 2016? Stay updated with 12BET!

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