Granada Needs to Own the Game Against Malaga


2015-2016 La Liga Match Predictions
Malaga vs. Granada
Match Venue: Los Carmenes
Match Date: 8 April 2016

Granada will try to hold on with only a single point deficit that keeps them away from the relegation zone. Their campaign over Malaga will determine whether they will make it or break it?

Team Analysis


After a successful back to back win, Malaga is back with the draw result against Espanyol on their most recent match, the rally ended with a 1-1 score. The team is currently on 8th spot with eight points away from Athletic Club who’s currently sitting on the seventh spot. Failure to conceal as many goals as possible will never help Malaga to cut the deficit that Bilbao have over them.

The controversial goal on their last match have helped the team to have a tie result yet this won’t be good if they will face the struggling team of Granada who’s aiming on for a win to secure their slot away from the bottom three ranking. Malaga also had a draw result on their first meet up last year which only means that they should not be to comfortable on this match as their rival can also performed well in the competition


This will be the third result that Granada has on their previous three matches, and this did not help the team to be away from the relegation zone. The hunger for a win and to conceal as many goals is what they should put in mind or else they will lose it and be on the ranking that no team wanted to be.

Granada can perform well on the game but sustaining a good stunt until the end of the campaign have been their problems. Lopez squad can provide the same intensity that their opponents have, but they must still work on having the possession of the ball and securing a win.


The probability of winning is highly in favored of Granada who wants to ensure that they will be able to maintain or even climb a better position on the tournament.


Granada CF 2.24

Score: Malaga 1 – 2 Granada

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