Hertha Expects to Win Over Hannover


2015-2016 Bundesliga Match Prediction

Hertha Berlin vs. Hannover 96
Match Venue: Olympiastadion Berlin
Match Date: 8 April 2016

The struggle continuous for Hannover as they face Hertha who managed to win their last three home matches in the competition. The underdog has already lost on their five previous matches and with this upcoming clash same scenario is expected to happen.

Team Analysis

Hertha Berlin

As devastating as it may seems as Hertha failed to have their third winning streak against Monchengladbach who didn’t gave them the chance to conceal a goal. The rally ended with 5-0 score in favor of their rivals, who’s currently sitting on fourth with only three points away to snatch their current position. Their match up against Hannover can help them bounce back in the competition.

The humiliating result Hertha have will serve as learning for them to be able to bounce back on their upcoming matches.

Hannover 96

Frustration might have covered the team of Hannover 96 as they failed to create an impressive stunt this season leaving them in the bottom group with only a total of 17points out of their 28 matches. They are expected to end this season on the bottom league ranking as they continuously struggle on matching the same intensity that their opponent have.


The higher chances of winnings will be in favor of Hertha who’s looking forward to create a comeback after their goalless fight against Borussia Monchengladbach. Meanwhile, Hannover will remain on the relegation zone, until they find out the areas that they need to improve on.

Hertha Berlin 1.52
Score: Hertha Berlin 3-0 Hannover 96


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