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Cricket is a game of statistics. And betting, at its core, is predicting the probability of certain statistics accurately. It is no wonder that cricket lends itself to betting in a number of ways. You can predict the actual outcome. You can also bet on which batsman will score the most number of runs, which bowler takes most number of wickets, which team scores most number of sixes and even on which of the batsmen will be out through a particular mode of dismissal. In fact, the possibilities of cricket betting are endless.

Where should you start after getting an account @ 12bet. Which of the online betting options of cricket that you must select? For starting, it is always better to choose the actual outcome method.

Actual outcome

It is the most popular form of betting in all sports. This kind of wagering is everywhere in all sports. You usually bet on one of the three outcomes: win for the first team, a draw or the win for the second team. Unlike the case in football, a draw is a rare phenomenon in cricket. It does happen in test cricket. But it is getting less frequent even in test cricket.

Nowadays it usually happens when two really good teams meet on a flat batting track or when rain washes away a substantial portion of the match time. That makes the options fewer, and cricket betting more exciting. You have to decide only on the winner.

High chances of success

People who follow cricket seriously will be able to predict the winner 70% of the cases. For example, India loses One Day International (ODI) matches in India only against teams like Australia and South Africa. They usually win against almost all of the other teams when matches are held in India.

The same goes to Australia too. Only South Africa and, to some extent, England manage to beat Australia in Australia on a consistent basis. India and New Zealand manage to do that occasionally but not consistently.

There are many such region-specific trends in cricket. For instance, Paksitan are hard to beat in Abu Dhabi or in Pakistan, but pretty much easy to beat anywhere else. You know these kinds of things, right? If you follow cricket for some period of time, you must be able to predict the outcome of a match with a certain degree of accuracy.

Cricket betting on match outcomes is the easiest option and a great place to start online betting for the Indians. There are other types of bets as well @ 12bet. Still, match outcome is the best place for a newcomer to start.
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