Humiliation Hits Tottenham After Losing the Campaign Against Bayer Leverkusen


12BET (Football News) As devastating as it may seem as Spurs losses their game against their German contender in front of 85,000 fans at Wembley. The English club is now in real danger as they slide on the third spot of their group standing which they wouldn’t want as this might end their hope of advancing in the next leg of the competition.

Meanwhile, Bayer Leverkusen bumped-off Tottenham as they own the second spot holding a two point deficit against their contender. It was Kevin Kampl who ended up the dream of their rival as he finishes the shot during the second half. Hugo Lloris tried to save it but failed to do so as the Slovenian midfielder had eye on the net.

Son Heung-Min who was a former member of Roger Schmidt’s side has struggled to find the net against his former teammates. Aside from that Mauricio Pochettino’s club did also play without Harry Kane who still suffers from an injury.

A lot have witness how the visitors tries to conceal as many goals as possible but failed to do so since Hotspurs goalkeeper was at its finest. With only a single goal throughout the 90mins play-off it was the German club that gets to have a triumphant win.

This will be the sixth time that Spurs loss at the Wembley Stadium in London. Pochettino’s men still losses this campaign although they have a massive fan on their back which felt disappointed with the outcome of this game.

Tottenham needed to win their next two games if they don’t want to be eliminated, similar to Bayer Leverkusen who’s currently enjoying this momentum win. The lack of composure and quality on the game is the area that Pochettino’s men need to improve on as they face CSKA Monaco.

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