Injured Players Effect on Semis


UEFA Champions League 2016

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid
Match Venue: City of Manchester Stadium
Match Date: 26 April 2016

Determining which team will have the momentum win in their first clash for the finals will be hard as both squads suffers from injuries. Though there has been a clarification that both Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema will be able to play on the said match. On the other hand the Citizens will play without midfielder Yaya Toure.

Team Analysis

Manchester City

To have a tight defense over Ronaldo is what Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany see as a solution for them to have this match in favored of them. Each of the Sky Blue members must deliver the best game of their lives and create an effort to stop their opponent star player or else their dream of advancing in the next level will remain as dream. Another factor that will help them surpass the heat will be the support of their fans.

Showcasing what they have, and having a hot hearts but cold minds is what Manuel Pellegrini’s hope for his men. If they will be able to do it then they can manage to take control of the game. A tactical defense will help the City from stopping their rival on creating score chances. They will never want to have the same outcome on their rally last year wherein they are down by 3. It’s a do or die match for the Citizens, they must take their home court advantage on this campaign.

Real Madrid

The challenge is on for their competitor to tolerate the heat as Cristiano Ronaldo is unstoppable in concealing the goals for his team. Zinedine Zidane ensures their supporters his two players will be present on the game, though there might be a chance that forward Benzema will play as substitute on this game due to hamstring injury. Real Madrid’s confidence on winning this game have risen as they manage to continue their impressive stunt not just in UEFA Champions League but so as on Spanish La Liga.

Both star players were present during the training Zidane also added that they made a good progress. Meanwhile, the coach of Real said that it will never be an easy match and they should never underestimate the capacity of the only English team in the tournament. For him, he sees them as a real threat and an easy win will never be granted to them that’s the reason why he ensures that his men were ready for this big clash.

The supporters that the Sky Blues have will also put them on pressure, but won’t allow them to be on pressure. Being strong and organized during the competition will help Real to create good attacks and score chances.


The first leg of the tournament will be owned by Real Madrid. The team is highly prepared on their clash over Manchester City and they want to protect their successful rally in the competition. Now that Barca is out on the Champions League Real is hungry to own the title this year.

Real Madrid 2.36
Score: Manchester City 1 – 2 Real Madrid

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