Inter Fights Back after their Lost


2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Inter vs. Udinese
Match Venue: San Siro
Match Date: 24 April 2016


Inter fails to have their winning rally as they had a devastating scoreless match over Genoa. Their upcoming match over Udinese might save them from humiliation as they manage to have a successful campaign over their upcoming rival in their first meet up. The goal of making a comeback will be witness on this clash this weekend.

Team Analysis


The late goal that their competitor conceal have led to an unexpected loss of Inter. The team did have a lot of opportunity to create a goal, they even had the chance of dominating the match against Genoa but still they failed on snatching this win. Roberto Mancini’s men were down by a single point at the end of the clash.

Losing with the said team is ridiculous this how Mancini stated after the match, they have the control of the game yet they didn’t conceal a single goal. The dream of chasing Roma in the Champions League is now at risk because of this match. The result was unexpected he also added, their competitors are strong yet his men didn’t see it coming.

With that the manager of the squad will try to focus on creating as many goal chances as possible and if possible conceal it on their upcoming rallies.


Udinese had an embarrassing lost on their first clash against Inter where they had a 0-4 run. This will not be good if they want to have a back to back win in the Italian tournament. Their second meet up must trigger a revenge for the goal less match that they have.

Aiming to have a successful rally after beating Fiorentina will be the goal of Udinese. If they can beat this giant then there might also be a chance for them to have this match in favored of them.


Inter needs to work on converting a goal, or else it will be hard for them to keep the current momentum that they have in Serie A. It’s not just about keeping the possession of the ball but it’s also about making a goal that will help Inter to have this campaign in favored of them.

Meanwhile, Udinese will need to have a tight defense if they don’t want to have the same outcome on their first face-off. The upper hand is within the home team.

Inter 1.44
Score: Inter 3-1 Udinese


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