IPL Match Day 23: Cricket Betting Preview


Royal Challengers Bangalore have a crucial game today against Gujarat Lions. In fact, it is a must-win game for both the sides. RCB have just five points from eight games. Only a win in all their remaining matches will take them to play-offs. Gujarat Lions too are in a similar position, having managed just four points from their last seven matches. Both the teams look destined for an early exit. The question in hand now, for cricket betting stakes, is this: who is going to win this match.

Royal Challengers Bangalore – Preview

The fate of RCB is beginning to resemble that of their owner Vijay Mallya, the fugitive Indian liquor baron. He has all the riches, but has to stay out of his home country. RCB too has a glittering array of super star cricketers. But they are too likely to stay out of the IPL play-offs. Players like Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are hurt. They will be itching to show the world what they are capable of. But the threat of rain looms large over this match. This could also be washed out like RCB’s previous game. Factor this in in your betting calculations.

Gujarat Lions – Preview

Gujarat Lions have drafted in Irfan Pathan as a desperate attempt to stay alive in the competition. But that could turn out to be a case of too little too late. A defeat in this match will put them dangerously close to the exit lounge. They have improved as a team in both batting and bowling from the start of the tournament. But that may not enough to qualify for the play-offs. A rained-out match is likely to wash away the hopes of both the teams.

Prediction for cricket betting: RCB is going to win this match, provided the rain stayed out of it.
#RCB: 1.67 #GL: 2.28
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