Juventus Will Go for a Successful Finish


2015 – 2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Juventus vs. Sampdoria
Match Venue: Juventus Stadium
Match Date: 14 May 2016

The Juves recently had an unexpected lost over Verona which ended up their successful rally in the competition. As the season end the giant on the competition wants to ensure that the upper hand will be in favored of them as they face the struggling squad of Sampdoria.

Team Analysis


Losing their recent campaign is not how Massimilliano Allegri envisioned their clash over Verona. The team is down by one as they visit Marcantonio which automatically stuff their impressive stunt in the competition. And with their last match this season the team expects that they will be able to finish this big.

The 26 unbeaten run must serve as a call for the team to never underestimate what their opponents can do since football is really unpredictable. Unusual amount of errors have contributed to this lost, added the lacked of concentration and composure.


Sampdoria is looking for a comeback after a back to back lost that they had from Genoa. And what’s more humiliating is the fact that they failed to score on these games. This match will be of great challenge since the team will face the number one team on the ranking table.


The upper hand is within Juventus as they will create as many score chances as possible. The team must avoid making errors if they don’t want to lose on their final game.


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Score: 2-1

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