Keeping a Clean Sheet on the Competition


2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Palermo vs. Juventus
Match Venue: Juventus Stadium
Match Date: 17 April 2016

Juventus hold seven consecutive clean sheets over the struggling squad of Palermo who had failed to secure atleast a single goal over their giant competitor. Same result is expected to happen which can contribute to the winning streak of the Juves.

Team Analysis


The challenge of getting out of the relegation zone will be hard as Palermo always fails to secure a goal that they need in order to win. A humiliating lost after their recent match against Lazio has been experience by the team as the rally ended with 3-0 run right on their home court. Lazio is only a single point away and might continue to be on the bottom rank if the same scenario happens.

Palermo must try to end the drought of continually losing in the competition, and this can happen if they will be able to have the possession on the ball and conceal a goal. There are lots of things that this team needs to improve if they want to be out of the lower rank in the competition. A tactical defense against the strong players that the opposition has might be require to atleast stop them from creating goal chances.


The Juves never fails to give an impressive stunt on their rallies as they are looking forward to snatch their eight clean sheet match over their visitors this weekend. Looking to extend the six points lead the Serie A giant wants to ensure that they will end this season big. And if their successful winning streak continues the chances of having the title this season might be high.

With the comeback of their forward Paulo Dybala can help them achieve their goal of creating more goals in their game this Sunday. The Argentine player was out of the competition due to injury. The 22 year old player stated that it will be odd as he had also played for their upcoming rival for three years.


The season is about to end and the primary goal of Juventus is to own the title this year. With the dedicated player that the squad has the probability of winning over Palermo is big. The domination of the ball and securing goals will lead them to another triumphant win.


Juventus 1.12

Score: Palermo 1-3 Juventus


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