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Formula One’s 13th race of the season, Belgium grand prix, will be held tomorrow at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps near Brussels. There is breaking news: Lewis Hamilton will start the race at the back of the grid following an engine penalty. More about the penalty later, as it is a bit complicated affair.

Eight more races remain in the season after this. Hamilton leads fellow Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg by just 19 points. Rosberg can regain the lead if he finishes first and Hamilton fails to get any points. The biggest question online betting enthusiasts of F1 will be asking is this: can Hamilton pull off a remarkable win from the back of the grid at the historic Spa circuit?

About the circuit

It is one of the oldest circuits in the world and has an eventful history. Many drivers assert that this is the toughest circuit to negotiate, mainly for two reasons. First, it is shaped almost like a hand-gun, with long straight roads and sudden acute corners. Second, the weather is unpredictable. Usually, it rains during the race. It is also possible that there will be rain at one end of the circuit and bright sunshine at the other end. This year, the forecast is for bright sunshine.

The circuit is just over 7 km long. The drivers have to negotiate 44 laps. Michael Schumacher is the most victorious driver in this circuit with six triumphs. Lewis Hamilton is the reigning champion. He has won the title twice here.

Why he may not win a third this year?

FIA, the governing body of Formula One, stipulates certain rules regarding the engine maintenance. There are six elements in the engine. The rule is that a driver cannot change each of the elements more than five times per season. Hamilton has exceeded the limit in one of the elements. As a penalty, he will start at the back of the grid.

The penalty will hamper his chances of winning the race. But some sections of the Mercedes camp will be already celebrating. Rosberg has a gilt-edged opportunity to regain the top position in the drivers’ standings. He has never won a race here at the Spa. He will face stiff competition from two other racers who have won Belgium grand prix: Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo.

Rosberg will be the favourite of bookmakers. But adventurous online betting fans can fancy risking a small amount in Hamilton’s favour. You never know when Hamilton, or you, gets lucky.

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