Leicester Dares to Stop the Winning Streak of West Bromwich


2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Leicester vs. West Bromwich Albion
Match Venue: King Power Stadium
Match Date: 1 March 2016

Both teams just had a momentum win this weekend, the challenge is on as the number one team on EPL dares to stop the good rally that West Bromwich had on their last two matches. How will the Albion be able to surpass the intensity that Leicester will show on this campaign?

Team Analysis


Ranieri’s squad has been able to redeem themselves back after beating Norwich on their most recent clash, ending the game with a single goal. Leicester remains to be the number one team on the EPL league table and is on hope on continuing a good stunt not just on the said tournament but so as on EUFA Champions League. With a total of 56 goals on their 27 matches there’s definitely no doubt that the foxes are creating a wonderful performance this season.

The goal of the team is still the same and that is to ensure that the EPL title this year will be granted to them. The positivity of every player on the team makes it possible for Leicester to conceal the number one spot on the league table, and they are on hope on having this type of game face attitude until the end of the season.

On their two previous matches against the Albion, Leicester got to secure a triumphant win but it’s never been an easy one. With this upcoming rally the victorious win of the Albion can be forfeited.

West Bromwich Albion

There’s definitely no doubt that Albion created an impressive performance on their two recent matches, wherein they were crowned as the victors in the end. But the biggest challenge is now given to them as they face the strong team of Leicester.

West Bromwich will play without one of their star player Brunt who has a knee injury on their most recent clash against Crystal Palace this will be a hindrance for the team to ensure their third winning streak. With the loss of Brunt in the game comes the awaited comeback of Jonny Evans who will help his team to seize a win on this match-up.

A tight defense in order for their opponent to find it hard in concealing a score will be the strategy that Tony Pulis will use in order to outshine their competitor.


Leicester is entitled to win this campaign the domination of ball possession will be given to them. If West Bromwich wants to win then they must work on stealing the ball from the opposition which has been their primary weakness, and just like what they did on their previous matches, create as many goal opportunity as possible.


Leicester 1.61

West Bromwich 6.00

Score: 3-1


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