Liverpool Will Try to Have a Successful Stunt over Chelsea


2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Liverpool vs. Chelsea
Match Venue: Anfield
Match Date: 11 May 2016

A ten point deficit is what Liverpool holds over their upcoming rival Chelsea, whom they are expecting to beat and have their back to back win with. This will be the second to the last match of both squads before Leicester grabs the trophy this year.

Team Analysis


Liverpool gets to bounce back after a devastating lost with Swansea – the squad gets to have a clean sheet fight over Watford on their recent clash. But this is not just the good news that the reds have, Jurgen Klopp men gets to sweep away a final slot on Europa League. What’s more exciting is the fact that they can climb a better position on EPL plus take home the title in UEFA.

Now that they are about to face Chelsea where they lead by ten point the squad is highly confident that this match will be in favored of them, adding the fact that they are undefeated on their last seven home matches. Liverpool wants to end up big on both competitions this might be the right time for them to do it.


Chelsea can either retain their current ranking or let Stoke snatch it away from them. Tied with 48 goals, the squad will try to keep the 9th position on the league table. Though the chances of winning might be at risk, the squad still hopes that this campaign will be in their hands.

The record was not at its finest, this is not what Guus Hiddink wants for his men since they are crowned as the winner during EPL 2014-2015. Hungry for a comeback, this is what the squad should put in mind if they don’t want to have a devastating blow. Executing well in their clash and working more on their counter attack might help them surpass the heat that their competitors hold.


The reds will try to steal this game and earn a score through wing play situation, but Klopp men should avoid committing an error which can contribute to the she scoring chances of Chelsea.

Liverpool 1.98
Score: 2-1

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