Lyon Tries to Cut Down the Three Points Deficit


2015-2016 Ligue 1 Match Prediction
Lyon vs. Montpellier
Match Venue: La Moson
Match Date: 8 April 2016

The goal is to cut down the deficit that PSG have on the competition, Lyonnais FC is currently sitting on the third spot. The successful back to back win will be challenge by Montpellier who needs to try their best to ensure that they will not go down to the relegation zone.

Team Analysis


Undefeated on their five last campaigns Lyon will try to hold on as they go against Montpellier in hope of having a successful rally. The match is expected to be a tough once since both team perform well, it’s just a matter of who is hungry for a victorious win. Lyon wants to keep their good stunt in the competition in hope of qualifying to the next season of Champions League.

Alexander Lacazette is expected to bring his team to their primary goal with only a three point interval away from Monaco who’s currently on the second place. Meanwhile, some of the players won’t just be busy with the Ligue 1 tournament for some are chosen to partipate in Euro 2016. Nabil Fekir is in hope of having a booking to France.

With the good performance that Bruno Genesio men have there’s a higher possibility that they will be able to end this season strong.


The fate of Montpellier is way more different than their upcoming rival, as the team finds it hard to secure a win. The latest match against Guingamp gave them a draw result which is somehow good because they have managed to bounce back after a back to back lost. But the draw result is not enough as they are about to face the strong team of Lyonnais who can also perform well in the competition.

On their previous clash the squad of Frederic Hantz gets to have a triumphant win ending their rally with a 4-2 score. But the scenario will be different as Lyon has a goal and that is to keep their undefeated win. As for the probability the visitors have higher chances of winning.


Get ready to witness a tough fight as this two teams try to hold on with their goal of ending the rally strong. The probability of having a draw is not high, yet Lyonnais has the advantage of owning the game. Montpellier just needs to hold with the fact that they managed to win last year over their visitor.


Olympique Lyonnais 2.23

Score: Lyon 2 – 2 Montpellier


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