Malaysian Grand Prix, Kuala Lumpur: Online Betting Preview


The Malaysian Grand Prix will herald the count-down for final stretch of this year’s Formula One Championship. The race is set to start tomorrow. Just five more races remain after this. Nico Rosberg has a slender lead of eight points over his compatriot and main rival Lewis Hamilton. The previous races have become insignificant now. Whoever finds form in the next six races can win the title. As for constructor’s championship, don’t be hesitant to put your money on Mercedes Benz for betting. If they can produce a one-two here, they can secure the title tomorrow itself.

Track Info

The Sepang circuit is unique in many ways. It has a special design of long straight roads and dangerous curvy turns. Of special interest are two virtually straight stretches on the middle of the track, which are likely to become the sought-after areas for overtaking. The track is 5.543 km long and the racers have to cover a distance of 310.408 km over 56 laps.

Sepang is usually hot at this time of the year. It is hotter than normal this year. However,  as if to complicate the matter, it can even rain. At the moment, the drivers are being roasted by the sweltering heat. Max Verstappen, who fainted during practice yesterday, will vouch for that.

The surface was re-laid last year. So the circuit is bit of an unknown entity. Teams will be frantically analysing and charting various strategies regarding tyres, pit stops and zillion other technical things.  All such things will have a say in the final outcome of online betting as well.


Based on the past record, Sebastian Vettel is a favourite. He has won at Sepang four times, including last year. Among the other current racers, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, Jenson Button and Kimi Räikkönen have won here. However, the circuit design and engine power indicate that Mercedes drivers have a fairly good chance. It will be hard to stop the Merc cars once they get into the two straight lanes.

As for online betting, one of the two Mercedes  drivers are the best bet. For trivia, expect some instances of expressions of personal rivalry between the drivers. The Sepang circuit and the hot environment have that capacity to bring out the inner demons of F1 drivers, as we have seen in the past.

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