Manchester United vs. Arsenal: English Premier League Match Prediction


2016-2017 English Premier League Match Prediction
Match Venue: Old Trafford
Match Date: 19 November 2016


12BET (Football Tips) It’s not just the clash of the prominent players that a lot will look out for but also the biggest managerial rivalry between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger.


Head to Head Analysis

02/28/2016      Manchester United 3:2 Arsenal

10/04/2015      Arsenal 3:0 Manchester United

05/17/2015      Manchester United 1:1 Arsenal

03/09/2016      Manchester United 1:2 Arsenal

11/22/2014      Arsenal 1:2 Manchester United


Team Analysis

Manchester United

Football enthusiasts can see the similarities of play that the Red Devils have made last season despite of sacking Louis van Gaal as the manager, as they create a deal with Jose Mourinho.  The Portuguese coach is having a bumpy journey at Old Trafford as he only accumulated five wins out of their eleven campaigns.

Criticism spread on how he handles the big name in his squad as they are struggling to create a play. Unity is missing from essential players like Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wayne Ronney and more. And it feels like they are working individually than as one.

Mourinho will need more points this time if they are aiming to enter UEFA Europa League next season or if possible go for a big competition like Champions League.


Arsenal is unhappy with fact that they slide down the fourth spot of the ranking table – this frustration will help them to create an impressive run as they visit United on weekend. Aside from that the Gunners will also try to extend their win to cut down the two point deficit that Liverpool holds against them.

Key players like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott are on the heat of thrashing down their rivals away from home. This will be a crucial match since the club is eyeing for the title this year.

They do expect that this rally won’t be an easy one, but is expecting to have the upper hand in favor of them at the end of the day.


Mourinho should try another tactical set-up that is not similar to the ones he usually used since their contender might have mastered it already.

Meanwhile, Wenger should avoid biting the bait that the Portuguese coach will use since that’s the reason why they had a hard time capitalizing in their game in the previous season.

The facts written above might give the Red Devils the chance of owning this game, but more likely it will lead into a draw result.

Manchester United 2.50 (this odd might change from time to time)

Score: 2-2


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