Monaco Will Try to Cut Down the Deficit of PSG


2015-2016 Ligue 1 Match Predictions

Paris Saint Germain vs. Monaco

Match Venue: Parc des Princes

Match Date: 20 March 2016

On their previous matches last year, Monaco failed to convert any goal in the competition, their primary goal on this upcoming clash is to ensure that they will be able to conceal a goal. Will they be able to do it, or same fate on this game is about to happen.

Team Analysis

Paris Saint Germain

The success of Laurent Blanc squad continuous, the team is not just considered strong in Ligue 1 tournament but also in UEFA Champions League. With a total of 77points on all their previous thirty campaigns there’s definitely no doubt that the team deserves to be on top of the ranking table.

PSG’s recent win against the scoreless squad of Troyes have amazed a lot the viewers as the rally end with 9-0 as a score. It was considered as an easy match as their opponent continuously struggle on concealing a goal and winning in the competition.

Blanc’s men also win on the second leg of the competition in Champions League as they beat their rival from EPL, Chelsea. The match was not an easy one as both team execute well on both defense and attacking.


Though considered as the underdog on this upcoming clash, Monaco is in hope of cutting the deficit of the opposition. The team will travel to Parc des Princes this weekend to faceParisians who has been creating an impressive stunt on their rallies.

Monaco have a drawn match result in their last three matches, failure to protect the lead was the reason behind the said results. If they have the desire to win over PSG then they need to work on their defense.


Parisians primary goal is to make sure that the crown this season will be in favored of them. The challenge is on their competitors’ hand, it will surely be an exciting match up from two of the strongest teams. The probability of having a successful campaign will be on PSG, the question now is how will Monaco be able to cut the 25points deficit of their rival?

Paris Saint Germain 1.42
Score: 3-1

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