Napoli Will Try to Cut Down the Interval


2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Napoli vs. Chievo
Match Venue: Stadio San Paolo
Match Date: 5 March 2016

Napoli will try to bounce back as they face Chievo. They will try to cut the three points advantage that Juventus have in hope of having the number one spot in Serie A.

Team Analysis


A back to back draw result was not good for Napoli if they want to secure their good position in the tournament. The team needs to bounce back and their upcoming match can help them to either snatch or stay in their rank if they will be able to win.

The early lead that Fiorentina did on their match became a hindrance, but the late save of Gonzala Higuain help the team to surpass the intensity that their opponents have shown. Both teams didn’t get anything in the match they remain on their respective ranking.


Chievo must have tried to create as many goals as possible when they face Genoa but they come-up short – still they have managed to win ending the rally with a single goal. The team was currently on the 10th spot with only a single point away to have the 9th spot to Bologna.

This win gave the team the confidence as they go against the team of Napoli.


Napoli will make a comeback on this upcoming rally, on their last face-off against Chievo, the squad get to secure a win with only one goal. This match will help Napoli to regain the strength that they have before, but of course they can never set aside the fact that Chievo is looking forward on achieving a back to back win in this match-up.

Expect an impressive from two teams who’s hungry for a triumphant win.


Napoli 1.18

Chievo 14.00

Score: 3-1


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