Napoli’s Looking Forward for a Comeback


2015-2016 Serie A Match Prediction

Napoli vs. Verona
Match Venue: Stadio San Paolo
Match Date: 10 April 2016

Napoli has managed to stun Verona on their two previous campaigns wherein they keep a clean sheet over their opponent leaving them with no opportunity to create a goal at all. Sitting on the second slot Maurizio Sarri men is hoping to cut down the six point deficit that Juventus have over them.

Team Analysis


A humiliating lost was not expected to occur during the clash of Napoli and Udinese, wherein the squad fails to win with only a single point at the end of the rally. This match has stop them from having their fourth winning streak. What’s more devastating is the fact that Gonzalo Higuain was ban on their upcoming rally after pushing on of the referee on the said match.

Two yellow cards were given to the star player of the team, with that the probability of having an easy win over the visitors will be at risk. The management is currently working on the issue to withdraw the suspension yet the decision is final. As unfair as it is yet the rules will always need to be follow, frustration will surely be drawn because of this scenario.


The visitors were looking forward into a back to back win after beating Bologna with a single goal. Verona has only managed to win one out of their six previous matches against Napoli. With their rivals out of their superstar on the field Luigi Delneri is hoping that this campaign will be in favor of them.

Yet this win won’t guarantee the team that they will be out of the relegation zone wherein they are currently on the bottom group. Struggling to make a comeback will only make the team suffer on the unwanted zone at the end of the season.


Though Napoli will play without Higuian the upper hand is still in favor of them. They are expected to dominate the possession of the ball towards their contender.

Napoli 1.23
Score: Napoli 2-1 Verona

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