New Ranking in FIFA was given to Wales


The Welshmen impressive stunt in Euro 2016 pays-off as they get their new ranking in FIFA – they are now on the 11th spot and is ahead of England.

Wales were formerly on the 26th spot of the world ranking but are now the top-ranked team in Britain.

Gareth Bale together with his team had a hero welcome as they return to Wales after a defeat from Portugal.

The said team gets to beat Slovakia, Russia, Northern Ireland, and Belgium.

The Dragons gets to accumulate more points that made them earned the said ranking in the latest edition of FIFA world ranking that was published on Thursday. Their current standing is the former spot of England who had an early loss in the competition against Iceland.

Meanwhile, Argentina gets to keep the number one spot despite the fact that they loss in Copa America 2016 finals.

Other teams get to experience a drop down on their ranking, like Northern Ireland who is now on the 28th spot. Meanwhile, Republic of Ireland gets to climb the 31st from 33rd slot.

Scotland, had a devastating slip, settle down from the 43rd slot to the 50th since they didn’t made it in the European Cup.

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Photo Credit: TheGuardian


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