Penalty Kick Keep Portugal Alive


Euro 2016 Match Result: Poland vs. Portugal

It was indeed an intense match between the side of Poland and Portugal, the rally ended and it was the Portuguese that gets to progress in the semis. It was a draw result of 1-1 but the winner gets to create five penalty shot compared to the three of the underdog.

A tiring game was witnessed as both squads didn’t surrender – it was Ricardo Quaresma once again who brought the hope of the Polish down. Although, the journey of Poland ends here, their spectacular performance during the said campaign can never be disregard.

Both Cristiano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski created a play for their corresponding teams. The surprising part came-up short, a lot of football fans didn’t expect that Portugal will win through a penalty kick as they expected that they will step-up their game.
Fernando Santos men continuously struggle in having an easy win from the round of 16 to the quarter finals. Luck might have followed the said squad as they get to advance in the next level.
Failure to have the same intensity during the qualifying rounds and friendlies gave a doubt on whether they will be able to make it to the last leg of the competition. The remaining teams are strong and competitive enough to sweep them away.

Santos needs to ensure that they will be able to create a fast game pace, and their defensive approach will be at its finest. Line-up must be precise so that they won’t worry about concealing goals.
On the other hard a lot of viewers have criticized Ronaldo’s play – they notice that the communication between his team is disorganized. His combination with Nani didn’t work as well – there was an opportunity to create a score when Nani set him up for a play but the shot was not powerful enough to beat Lukasz Fabianski.
A lot of Portugal’s supporters look forward for a much more quality play from Portugal as they make it in the semi-finals.

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