Day 3 12Bet World Cup of Pool Updated Match Result


The thrills continue to stream at the York Hall, London as the third battle day for 12Bet World Cup of Pool title unfolded yesterday, June 15.

12 nations have braved the prestige contest to take chance on the $60,000 grand prize. And as of the last match, Japan came out to be the first team to enter the quarter finals following their convincing win over Canada.

Along with Japan, Finland have also taken the spot to qualify for the last eight of 2017 World Cup of Pool as they restrain India from progressing.

For comprehensive scoring details, here’s the wrap up of the previous match.

ROUND 1 (12:30PM Session)
China 7 – 5 Portugal
Holland 7 – 0 Hungary
Austria 7 – 5 Sweden
ROUND 1 (6:30PM Session)
USA 7 – 0 Singapore
ROUND 2 (6:30PM Session)
Japan 7 – 3 Canada
Finland 7 – 4 India


In a couple of hours, 12Bet World Cup of Pool will resume contest where various teams are bound to face their respective rivals.

Just so none would miss out on the succeeding games, a run-through of face off is detailed below.

ROUND 2 (12:30PM Session)
Chinese Taipei   Poland
China   Germany
Russia   Austria
ROUND 2 (6:30PM Session)
Philippines   Holland
Scotland   England B
USA   Spain

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